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Hackney Outdoors CIC helps Londoners of all ages connect with nature for health, wellness, fun and resilience. Click on Services for more information. 
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Can your company help Hackney Outdoors CIC renature urban spaces?

 "Nina offers delightful (corporate) volunteering opportunities coupled with engaging and informative walks or talks, ensuring participants gain valuable knowledge. For example, during a recent event at Hackney Tree Nursery, Nina guided us through a short nature walk, teaching us about the native flora we often overlook. This blend of hands-on volunteering and educational experiences is truly enriching. Through Nina’s initiatives, our team feels more connected to the local community and gains a deeper understanding of how they can make a positive impact. Nina is an exceptionally knowledgeable, warm, and engaging individual. While we’d love to keep her all to ourselves, we wholeheartedly recommend her to others."

Sally Lands, Colt Technologies UK CSR Lead

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